Colorful Birds 2

 Golden Pheasant  Rainbow Lorikeet  Greater Bird of Paradise  Atlantic Puffin

 Pink Flamingo  Blue Crowned Pigeon  Hoopoe  Northern Cardinal

 Purple Gallinule  Bohemian Waxwing  Roseate Spoonbill  Golden Conure

 Mountain Bluebird  Himalayan Monul Pheasant  Gouldian Finch  Bird of Paradise

 King Woodpecker  Noble Amethyst Lovebird  Blue Footed Booby  Mandarin Duck

 Rose Crowned Fruit Dove  Red Breasted Goose  Woodland Kingfisher  Black Swan

 Hyancinth Macaw  Keel Billed Toucan  Lilac Breasted Roller  Nicobar Pigeon

 Pink Cockatoo  White Bellied Caique  Wilson's Bird of Paradise  Blue Magpie

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